About Me

Nurul Yahi founder of Dear Duit

I am a financial enthusiast who believes everyone has the potential to achieve wealth.

👋Hello, I am Nurul, and I am a millennial mother of two beautiful kids.

I was watching a show when I was just 9 years old, whereby a college student had thousands of dollars in debt and the TV show host interviewed a financial coach to help many others who are struggling in managing their finances.

👆This is what inspired me to do more with my life and money. I didn’t want to waste this opportunity, this gift 🎁, that they had given me.

I didn’t come from generational wealth, but I was still on track to financial independence.

How I identify my money blocks and I did it ➡ The small actions I took every day compounded to these massive results 📈

We all know we need to save more and spend less, but it’s very difficult actually doing it. I can help you bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually getting it done.

WHAT I DO: We work on transforming your habits and behaviors that will have you start seeing faster progress with your money. I can help you:
✨Be confident about this major purchasing decision
✨Pay off credit card debt, so you can finally breathe and add priority of pleasure
✨Have an emergency fund, so you know you’ll be ok if a big expense happens

Why Work with me:
🎯 Doesn’t sell financial products so can provide unbiased strategies for managing your money
🎯 Provides support and guidance along your journey especially when you lack confidence
🎯 Helps automate and create a money management system tailored to your specific needs

Are you ready to start feeling less stress and anxiety about your financial future?

Contact me now!