Creating a better money mindset

Money has always been a taboo topic within my family. Like most of us, my family never really talk about how they budget or manage their money.

For most of my childhood it was from observation and how they behave around the money topic. Most of the time I assume I cannot ask for more because we are not “rich enough” to have anything nice.

When I first lived on my own, I had the biggest fear of my expenses. The first year of living away from my parents I only ate a big meal, once a day because of the fear that I won’t have enough by the end of the month.

Maybe you can relate to the feeling that you could never have enough to experience what you want to do. I feared going out or hanging out with my friends.

What kept repeating in my mind at that time was “I can’t afford that,” even when I had more than reasonable income to thrive.

“The scarcity mindset that we grew up with, has made us feel that money as a limited source that could run out.”

People that grew up in a wealthy family, trust that money will always be there for them. An unlimited resource of wealth and there are many ways to get it.

With this abundance mindset it encourages them to keep taking bigger and bigger risk when it comes to investments and any business decisions they made.

That explains the cases where the lottery winners who turned broke after a year. In their mind, they have to keep spending it all because of the limited mindset they had.

They end up finding ways to sabotage themselves when it comes to money.

At times the topic that revolves around money is quite difficult to talk about, and you end up not knowing or understanding anything about money.

Instead of sticking to a budget plan, you end up spending all the money compulsively. Till you keep checking your calendar for your next pay day.

I am guilty of this behavior too. I always had a countdown on when will be my next pay and the cycle keeps repeating on a monthly basis.

There is no need to be a big increase in our pay, for us to experience the financial freedom. We do not need to keep struggling each month, day after day worrying about money.

The good news is, that it is totally possible to reverse all these beliefs. Here are some simple ways to start cultivating a better relationship with money.

Start writing positive money affirmations

We often fall victim to our own negative thoughts from what we have learned from the past. We start forming negative associations with money we start to give permission to fear it. Start rewiring that belief by writing down the positive affirmations and start attracting abundance.

Releasing all negative thoughts associating around money and start approaching your money from a state of confidence, joy and positivity.

The power of visualization 

My first time experiencing a breathing and visualization session it brought me to tears. I have never thought how powerful the visualization and affirmation technique took me by surprise. The session really calmed my brain waves and really gave me a clear direction. The possibilities and the future that I can claim to be mine.

There are tons of resources on YouTube and Spotify on money affirmations. Just 5 minutes of guided breathing and visualizations can really help slow down our fear based mind and shine a light of hope.

Final thoughts 

Taking full responsibility over our own growth and healing. Some people believe that the system is broken and often blame the surrounding for the current situation they are in right now.

I can’t speak for others but in my own opinion, practicing affirmations really did calm my anxiety surrounding money. It slowly changed the focus and the point I am. It fills me up with a more energizing feeling of opportunity there is for me. Regardless, I do invite you to give affirmations a try for at least 21 days. It’s just a matter of taking 5 minutes of your day.

Do share with me your experience?

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