Financial Anxiety – How It affects Your Body

One of the top factors that cause financial problems for Malaysians is poor financial planning, the high cost of medications, business failure, and uncontrolled credit cars usage. The rise in number of bankruptcy in Malaysia amongst Millenials have reached 25,000 (as of June 2015; The Star). Many feel trap in this financial wheel and your body will be affected by this stress.

Sleep Issues

Thinking about how you can repay your debt or worse if you had borrowed money from illegal it could affect the safety of yourself. Waking up in the middle of the night consistently thinking about all the financial obligations. When you experience a few restless nights will not bring an impact on the body but if it becomes a pattern, the stress that you are experiencing can be toxic.


If you experience stress your brain muscles tend to be tense and is a protection mechanism from injury. Constantly feeling tense will have the muscle be consistenly tense and tight. Therefore it would effect the tension of the neck, shouders and head.

General Pains & Body Aches

Having constanly thinking about your financial situation and feels hopeless about it can take a toll on your body. When the pain starts from the pain it will start fulling towards your system with stress hormones. Being on the edge constantly regarding your current situation may make your brain to lead on the edge and you anticipate that something worse were to affect you.

Getting Sick More Often

Consider how you feel about your current financial state if you notice that you often feel sick. Constant stress can lead to the weaken of the immune system and will lead towards more sick days.

Dealing with Financial Anxiety

Paying attention to how it makes you feel when you start talking about your finances or checking your bank account balance. Acknowledge if you have a physical reaction towards it consider what are triggering these feelings. Using this technique teaches ourselves to work with our emotions instead of ignoring the situation. It is also to best seek help if you feel overwhelmed because achieving your financial goals are just not about the numbers but also the emotions, attitudes and thoughts that drives us towards those behaviors.

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