Giving birth in Malaysia- My personal experience

Congratulations on the bundle of joy! You got 9 months to decide where to give birth. Setting up the perfect budget before giving birth. No insurance companies in Malaysia covers cost of birth (why not???) and if you are lucky some big companies does offer cost of birth to their staffs or their partner. But for most of us we have to come up with a financial plan to cover the cost.

For government hospital the expenses ranges between only paying RM 20- RM1000 for Malaysian citizens as the cost has been subsidies by the government.

The price tag for private options here in Klang various between RM300 to as high as RM20,000. Lucky for some where companies cover the cost of giving birth.

Keep in mind if your baby is premature or if you experience any complications private hospital often times will revert you to the nearest government hospital because most hospitals are not equipped with tools or specialist to assist your medical emergency. Therefore you have to reassure and speak to your private practitioner if you experience any complications what would the hospital cover.On a personal note when I was in the labor room for my second child there were 3 walk ins from private hospital because the private hospital did not have proper resources to tackle the cases.

For my first child I wanted to go private because of all the things my office mates was saying about the government hospital and their experiences. So I decided to do some research on it. The price tag was unbelievable. So private was out the door because I could not deal with the stress of dealing with the bill.

So for checkup on my pregnancy I did both ‘Klinik Kesihatan’ and private. I open my pink book at Klinik Kesihatan for the monthly checkup and weekly check up at the end of the pregnancy. The only issue at Klinik Kesihatan is the crowd. You have to wait for long for the check up. But their checkup are very detailed and complete. So if you have any sign of complication they will refer you straight to hospital. The other thing I like about Klinik Kesihatan is the nurses there are experience with the number of patients they would not necessary give you medications you do not need. Generally all government hospitals have strict practices like that. They just don’t necessary give you medication you do not need. 

The reason I also did go to private clinic is because the government clinic did not have ultrasound and only had Fetal Doppler so had to do my scan at the private. Which cost me around RM120 per visit. So did scanning only twice all through out my pregnancy, so it was around RM240.  I did not do the high tech scanning of 3D and 4D scanning cause I felt it was a waste of money and normal ultrasound will do for me. 

Had to spend two nights at the hospital for my first born and one week for my second born cause he is G6PD deficiency had to be under the light for a couple of days after he was born. Of course it wasn’t a five star hotel accommodation but it really did not matter with all the pain I was going through I just wanted to be home as soon as possible and not be in the hospital. I think that is more important the after care.  

My hospital bill for both my kids were only RM20! 

The full table charge from the hospital website:

Caj Bersalin Warganegara Malaysia

Kelas Wad Normal (RM) Caesarian (RM) Forcep / Vakum (RM) Breech (RM)
Kelas 1 450.00 1,200.00 600.00 600.00
Kelas 2 150.00 400.00 200.00 200.00
Kelas 3 10.00 100.00 50.00 50.00
*Semua caj yang dikenakan TIDAK TERMASUK caj ujian makmal, x-ray, pembedahan dan bayaran prosedur klinikal yang dijalankan
I was so grateful that I was surrounded by very supportive and loving nurses despite the horror stories that are often shared by people. I guess the power of manifestation was strong with this one. 
It really depends on your choices when choosing to give birth. For us at that time we did not had the luxury to spend a hold lot of money. But at the same time I am glad that I did not spend it on giving birth in a private hospital. As the money used can be put somewhere else.(one month after giving birth straight away opened a bank account & ASNB account) 
Giving birth wasn’t the hardest part 😉 


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