It’s Not About Us Is About Them (Kids)

The first time I heard this statement was for an Introduction talk on teaching kids how to handle money. The speaker ask us to repeat this statement again and again reminding that every time we are out preaching is all about the kids. The kids are always the priority.

Till today I still remember and practice this saying.

Even now every decision I make is based on that statement.

Becoming a mother to a young beautiful little girl, every decision I make is around the fact on what is best for this little one.

But sometimes I tend to forget that particular statement.

Decisions are made at the spur of the moment, my own selfishness.

Businesses that are run with zero empathy sometimes leads and drags me to this chaos. Sometimes I’ll sway so far into the darkness into my own selfish struggles that I forgot that statement.

It’s not about us is about them.

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