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2020 has made me worked on my desk more then I ever did all my career. I have been experiencing so much neck and back pain I just can’t tolerate anymore! The only piece of luxury I can look forward to daily is a good night sleep. So when I came across this article about one of the best pillows I came across Origin Superior Coolmax┬« Latex Pillow .

It has been over a month now I have been sleeping on this pillow. I can really tell you the minute I lie my head down on my pillow I fell asleep. My neck pain gone and finally I got my quality sleep back! Previously I always keep sweating and sometimes my pillow will disappear mid night.  Surprisingly, my head was still on my pillow when I wake up in the morning!


Interesting facts about the origins of the product. Founders, Shaun and Gee started this company knowing that mattress business is booming. They understood that a good quality mattress is a long term investment. The current market has market it with many complicated terminologies.

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Ready for a good night sleep?

You can totally experience quality sleep with this pillow. Need more convincing? Do follow the team’s socials for more details:

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My pillow is calling me!


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