The Psychology of Money & How to Make it Work For You

I was interviewed by Her Duit recently and I have to say it was an amazing experience. Check out the podcast interview here!

Our you can check it on spotify for more episodes from Her Duit!

Nurul from @dearduit has a financial planning background but ventured into psychology instead. She realized that money management is beyond the numbers and is a lot more to do with our emotions and psychology. In this episode, Nurul shares her story of being the face behind Dear Duit, how she has encouraged Malaysians to be more vulnerable and seek help as well as explaining how we can all learn about our own money insecurities by digging down deep into our childhood.

00:45: Introduction & 5 Quick Fire Questions

06:06: Dear Duit’s Timeline

11:36: Backlash from condemning the Islamic banking system

14:20: Personal Finance: 50 years ago vs now

18:07: Best Dear Duit Moments

20:00: Nurul’s Money Relationship with People and Herself

34:39: Why aren’t women talking more about personal finance?

38:26: A Mother’s Fear and Insecurities in Money Matters

39:05: Masculine Toxicity in Personal Finance

46:32: How Nurul Manages Her Finances

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